Introducing Beaverdale USSSA Baseball

Updated Thursday November 8, 2018 by Ben Godar.

Beaverdale Little League Families –
We’re excited to announce that 2019 will be the first year we will offer USSSA baseball - in addition to Little League. This is a great opportunity for kids who’d like to experience USSSA baseball, but still want to play Little League through BLL. Details including costs, tryout dates and requirements are available below.

If you have questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also direct specific questions, to

Tryout RSVP & Dates: (All players will be required to try out.)
Tryouts are free, but you must RSVP to try out. RSVPs must be received no later than Nov. 14. To RSVP just email with your child’s name and birth date. Tryouts will be held on Nov. 18 with a makeup date on Dec. 9. You’ll receive more details after you RSVP.

Player Requirements:
All players interested in playing USSSA baseball with the Beaverdale Baseball Club will be required to tryout, pay all registration fees, and will also play for Beaverdale Little League with their appropriate Little League age groups. Little League fees will be incorporated into the costs of playing with the Beaverdale Baseball Club. 

Player selection:
After tryouts, selected players will be notified by coaches in December and will have 48 hours to accept. If a player hasn’t accepted after 48 hours, the player will be removed from the roster and rosters will be adjusted as appropriate.

Teams and Age Groups:

  • In our first year, we’ll be competing at the A or AA levels (depending on skill levels) for ages 10U, 11U, and 13U. This is subject to change based on interest/skill level, etc.
  • We will have one team at each level unless there is additional interest.
    • If there is player interest and we have coaches available, we will add teams at the 9U and 12U levels as well. (We would need coaches at these levels – see below)
  • The age cut off for USSSA is May 1, 2019. The age of your player on May 1 is their 2019 eligibility age.
    • This date is different than Little League. It is possible to play Little League as a 13-year old, for example, and be eligible for 12U USSSA baseball. 
  • Use the USSSA Age Calculator to verify age eligibility.

Season Length/Tournament Schedules: 
The season will begin with indoor practice beginning in Jan. Each team will have a total of 8 indoor training sessions leading up to the season. All age groups are guaranteed 5 tournaments including the State Tournament. Note that the tournament schedule runs through July – please consider the additional length before deciding to try out. To avoid conflicts, tournaments will be scheduled around the Beaverdale Little League schedule.

Costs are still being structured but the tentative pricing range is $550/player and payment plans will be available. Payment must be made in full (or a payment plan must be established) by Jan. 1 or the player will be removed from the roster. Refunds will not be made after Jan. 15, 2019.

The fees cover the following costs associated with tournament baseball:

  • Entry Fees
  • Indoor Training Facility Rental
  • Outdoor practice space
  • Uniforms
  • Team Registration/Insurance
  • Cost of Little League Entry

Additional teams:
We will field additional teams if possible. If you are interested in coaching a 9U or 12U team, please let us know. Parents who volunteer to head coach (manage) a team will receive a $75 credit toward their registration fees. To assist with the USSSA process, BLL will have an orientation session for coaches.

Thanks in advance for helping us get this new program off the ground and thanks as always for supporting Beaverdale Little League.